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Assessment Waiver FAQs from the Florida Department of Education

  1. Q and A

Graduating Seniors

  1. If a senior doesn’t have GPA and/or credits, will the waiver be extended if they are retained?
    No. The waiver only applies to students who have all requirements met at the time and would otherwise graduate this spring.
  2. For seniors who may be finishing one course during Summer, and will graduate in Summer, will the ELA & Algebra 1 Waiver be applicable to them? When is the cutoff for the waiver?
    Students whose data are submitted in Survey 5 (due 7/24/20) with completed graduation requirements are eligible for the assessment waiver for seniors.
  3. For this year’s seniors, the DOE PowerPoint said EOC assessments are waived.
    That’s correct, participation requirements and having the EOC counted as 30% of the grade are waived for seniors. This includes seniors who have previously completed a course but never took the corresponding EOC.
  4. May senior ESE students use the assessment waiver or must they use the current ESE waiver?
    Seniors will not need to use the ESE waiver because the assessment graduation requirements are already waived. However, IEP teams should plan to meet to discuss transition plans for seniors.


Scholar Diploma Designation

  1. What about the EOC requirements for Scholar Diploma?
    Students will still need to earn passing scores on all EOCs required for the scholar diploma designation if they are not graduating seniors.
  2. For students currently enrolled in Algebra 1, will earning a 3 or higher on the Geometry EOC satisfy the scholar's diploma requirement for Algebra 1?
    Algebra 1 EOC is not a requirement for the scholar designation diploma. See information about diploma designations here:  
  3. Can you clarify that non-seniors must pass the EOC for Scholar Designation and only this year's seniors do not need to meet that to earn the scholar designation?
    Non-seniors must take and pass the Biology 1, Geometry, and U.S. History EOCs to meet the scholar diploma designation requirements.



Concordant and Comparative Scores

  1. Will students who have already passed Geometry EOC but have not passed Algebra EOC meet graduation requirements?
    Yes, students enrolled in Algebra 1 this spring may use a previously earned passing Geometry EOC score to meet the Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement.  
  2. Do students have to sit for graduation tests if they are using one of the other ways to meet?
    No. Non-senior students who qualify for the waiver don’t have to sit for the Algebra 1 EOC or the Grade 10 ELA assessment prior to using a concordant or comparative score.
  3. Will students be able to retake the Geometry assessment to meet the graduation requirement?
    Yes. If a student is in the group of students who are eligible to use a passing score on the Geometry EOC as a comparative option for the Algebra 1 EOC, they may retake the Geometry EOC as an opportunity to meet the graduation requirement.

On May 6, a Notice of Rule Development was posted in the Florida Administrative Register announcing rule development to allow the use of a passing score on the Geometry EOC to satisfy the Algebra 1 assessment graduation requirement for students in the applicable cohorts. A rule development workshop is scheduled for May 20 (see details in the notice).

  1. If an 8th grader completing Algebra 1 (no Spring EOC) enters 9th grade and takes Geometry, the Geometry EOC will suffice for grad requirement, correct?
    Correct. For non-seniors currently enrolled in Algebra 1 this spring, regardless of grade level, passing the Geometry EOC will satisfy the Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement. See rule development information in #10 above.
  2. Since a passing Geometry EOC score can now be used as a comparative score for current Algebra 1 students, and they can retake multiple times, do you anticipate any changes to the Geometry EOC no longer being administered after 2021-2022?
    The proposed legislation to eliminate the Geometry EOC did not pass. We have no information on any future proposed legislation with respect to this topic.
  3. Rule 6A-1.09422 changed concordant scores for this year's 10th graders, making the requirements higher for SAT reading. Will the 480 be the requirement for these students?
    The concordant scores for this year’s 10th graders have not changed.


EOC and 30% Requirements

  1. Students who took an EOC course in a previous year, but did not take the EOC assessment, and therefore have an "F" for 30% of their grade. They might have been planning on taking the EOC assessment this Spring to improve their grade. These students are NOT eligible for the waiver. They will need to sit for the EOC assessment in subsequent administrations.
    Correct. The guidance refers to students currently enrolled rather than previously enrolled. The EOC 30% waiver does not apply to students not currently enrolled in the course, except for graduating seniors.
  2. If a student currently enrolled in an EOC course wants to take the EOC at a later date to improve their grade, that score would then be used as 30% at that point?
    The district awards the final course grade, so this is up to districts.


  1. To clarify, a student is taking a course with an EOC exam virtually and he/she does not finish the course until this summer (currently enrolled but course is not complete), there is not an official cut-off for when the waiver of testing being cancelled is no longer an option and the district needs to make the determination. Is that correct? 
    Students whose data are submitted in Survey 5 (due 7/24/20) with completed course requirements are eligible for the assessment waiver.
  2. For 8th graders who had been scheduled to take the Civics EOC this year. Can they be promoted to 9th grade without the EOC? This would apply to students new to state or those who missed the EOC last year.
    From BSIS: The General requirements for middle grades promotion states that the student must successfully complete “at least a one-semester civics education course that includes the roles and responsibilities of federal, state, and local governments; the structures and functions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government; and the meaning and significance of historic documents, such as the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.”
    • The middle grades promotion statute does not explicitly require a student to take the EOC to be promoted, it merely states that each student’s performance on the statewide, standardized EOC assessment in civics education required under s. 1008.22 constitutes 30 percent of the student’s final course grade. Under normal circumstances, not taking the EOC might cause a student not to successfully complete the course.
    • Section 1008.22 states that the EOC assessment for Civics shall be administered to students enrolled in such courses as specified in the course code directory, but the state waived that requirement for Spring 2020 EOC assessments.
  3. If a student is in 8th grade and has previously missed every window of the Civics EOC, can we award final credit in the class to promote the student to 8th grade?  Can we only do it if every other promotion requirement has been met?

See above.



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