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Marianne Arbulu

This is the beginning of a new year, one full of promise and challenge.  As superintendent, it is my responsibility to ensure that all children have access to quality education, and to create a place where children, teachers, and all staff members look forward to each day, and the opportunity to grow and learn.  As a team, we will adopt a universal commitment to excellence at every level of the organization, and we will work to achieve a common vision – for the Jefferson County School District to be an exemplar place of learning that provides our children the education and skills necessary for workplace success and an improved quality of life.

Your participation and support is critical to our success, and as we move forward we need a simple way of obtaining feedback as we plan new initiatives and changes.  Therefore, please consider providing your email address to the district, by signing up through the “Communications” tab on the Jefferson County School District website.  We will use your email for brief surveys and other important communication.  This will give the district an efficient and cost effective means of communicating with stakeholders, and collecting county-wide opinions and preferences. 

Thank you for helping to make Jefferson County School District the place to learn and grow.  

Marianne Arbulu - Superintendent


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