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Jefferson County School District

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Marianne Arbulu

As we close out the 2019-2020 school year, it seems the perfect time to reflect on our progress, and one can say with confidence that the district is better today, both
academically and financially, than it was four years ago. For the District, improvement is a continuous process, a cycle of reflection and revision of goals and processes because the expectations of our education system will continue to rise. To be sure, progress is a result of effort and focus on the goals, the challenges, and the rapidly changing education landscape. Our progress is a collaborative effort with everyone engaged – teachers, school administrators, support staff, parents,
volunteers, the charter governing board, district staff, the school board and many external partners who share their energy and expertise to ensure that Jefferson
County has a high quality school system; to everyone involved, I give my heartfelt thanks. Sustainable change is hard work and sometimes presents conflict; we are not immune to those forces, but remain fierce in our mission to achieve the goals we established at the beginning of this journey – to raise the grades by at least two
levels, to increase student enrollment by at least 20 percent, and to achieve financial stability and fiscal transparency As your superintendent, I am unwavering in my commitment to improve the quality of education for all county students, to support school choice and to insure the sustainability of our education system.

Soon the district will begin its fourth year with Somerset Academy.   Although the new school year will be filled with uncertainty due to COVID-19, nonetheless, we look forward to hearing our students talk of finding their purpose and motivation to be successful.  The coming year will be different, but still an exciting time for students - new classes, new friends and new challenges to overcome, and we will continue to share in their excitement.  Join us as we close out the last year and begin to plan for and celebrate the new 2020-2021 school year brought to you through public education! 

Always at your service,

Marianne Arbulu, Superintendent



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